Location & Destination

Unique moments in a magical setting

Walking along the seaport always makes for a surprising evening; fishermen tying their nets and taking their catch to the fish market. Discover the old town dating back to the 12th century, find the centenarian tree of more than 12 metres and sit next to the sirens that commemorate the sea storm of 1911… Its sea, food and history… Cambrils: see it, taste it, enjoy it.

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Culinary capital

Tasty, juicy, traditional food. Fish appetisers, fish soup, “rosso” noodles… and Cambrils arbequina oil, a gem of local agriculture. Savour Cambrils with every bite.

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Samà Park

Explore the exotic botanical garden listed as a Place of Cultural Interest and set in a romantic atmosphere that once belonged to an important colonial family.

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Enjoy the Mediterranean in a privileged terrain. Take a walk or ride your bike while enjoying the sun, the cool breeze and the salty sea water on your skin. A beach more than 9 km long, more than 280 days of sun a year and an endless sea on the horizon. Walk along the promenade without ever losing sight of the shore.