The Monica Hotel of Cambrils, a functional and modern hotel, opened its doors on June 1971. The hotel is provided with a series of facilities and equipment in accordance with its category and benefits from a leadership positioning in the area thanks to its quality facilities and the level of the services it offers to its customers.



To reach our goals and aims:

  • We all have to get involved and provide and receive appropriate information to assure a better respect of the organization towards the environment. This way, we will be able to guarantee a quality product to our customers.
  • We all have to work together and foster internal communication. We will, that way, increase our employees’ motivation and the quality of our products, while respecting the environment and feeling proud of our company.


Our compromises:

  • To keep a good atmosphere in the company and make all employees feel satisfied of their work. It’s important that every single employee is aware of the importance of his/her daily tasks and his/her direct repercussion for the customer’s stay.
  • To provide internal training so that employees feel capable and comfortable when executing their tasks and feel able to offer solutions when dealing with their functions. We will foster sensitivity and communication among all the employees and collaborators and we will get them involved in team work.
  • To increase autonomous teams by encouraging self-control and self-introspection. Like that, we will ease the way to manage any possible problem arising within the team and we will avoid that a third party, qualified but alien to the team, comes and solves the problem.
  • To maintain a good behaviour complying with the law and the quality and environmental regulations that require our activity and our geographical area.
  • To implement the appropriate control, corrective and prevention measures to manage and minimize our environmental impact on the following aspects:
    • Visual impacts
    • Waste management
    • Supply management
    • CO2 emissions
  • To fix concrete, simple and achievable goals and aims to grant a continuous improvement of the daily management of the MH’s quality and environmental impact. Internal and external audits will take place to verify that everything works properly and we are meeting our goals.


We all share the responsibility for contributing to our Quality and Environmental Policy and for revising periodically our acts. We know what’s most important in our company: people and communication between employees, customers and collaborators.


“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”